We have a dedicated focus on trends and benefits that are most important to your consumers. We are all consumers and we all care about healthy living. Adinop is positioned to help you make your products attractive to health-conscious consumers. We offer high-quality, up-to-date nutrients with advice from our specialists.

                    We offer
                         • Vitamins and minerals
                         • Beta glucan from brewer yeast
                         • Collagen from marine fish
                         • L-carnitine
                         • Extramel ™
                         • Omega 3 with different ratio of DHA and EPA
                         • Omega 6
                         • Lutien
                         • Zeazanthin
                         • Coenzyme Q 10
                         • Fabuless™
                         • Amino acids such as leucine, L-lycine, etc.

           Natural extract such as acerola cherry extract, guarana, cranberry extract, acai berry extract, bilberry extract, dandelion extract, artichoke extract, white kidney bean extract, grape seed extract, red wine extract, green tea extract, etc.



*** For more information,please contact our specialist *** 

            Flavor is the sensory impression of a food. Without flavor, food is tasteless. Adinop Co., Ltd. supplies the world leading brands of quality flavors in natural, nature-identical flavor and process flavors.

             You want strawberry flavor? You want coffee flavor? You want seafood flavor? Please talk to us first.



*** For more information,please contact our specialist ***

            It can enhance the existing taste and/or odour of your food. There are many types of flavor enhancers. Adinop mainly supplies natural flavor enhancers. We offerYeast extract

                   •  Hydrolysed Protein (Soya , Maize , Wheat)
                   •  Process/Reaction Flavour(Meaty Flavour)
                   •  Hydrolysed soy protein
                   •  Hydrolysed wheat/maize protein
                   •  Process flavor


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            Stabilizers are food additives and are used by the food industry for processed foods. They are used to preserve consistency or maintain a solution in food, mixture or suspension. Furthermore, inhibit the separation of emulsions and bind suspended solids in a liquid.

                      We, Adinop Co., Ltd. offers the stabilizers that produced from variety of sources.
                              • Carrageenan
                              • Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)
                              • Gelatin
                              • Pectin
                              • Xanthan gum



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           We offer synthetic and natural food color with the best quality. Our synthetic color under KEY brand is controlled under quality standards sush as GMP/HACCP, Halal, ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008. Every batch of raw materials is checked for purity, microbes and heavy metals by our certified laboratory, operated under ISO?IEC 17025:2005 standard.

                 We offer 
                              •  Water soluble dye
                              •  Dispersible pigment (Alu lake type)
                              •  Natural colors
                              •  Liquid color
                              •  Oil-soluble color


What is new?

         We can offer you your own color for your special products.



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Soup powder Pepper salmon

Chicken mushroom soup Chicken Yum Saap

Spicy Chicken Barbeque Hoi Lai Prik Paow seasoning

Squidy seasoning Tom yum seasoning

Paprika seasoning Kimchi seasoning

Soy sauce powder Japanese salad seasoning

Pizza seasoning Instant vegetable soup

Cheese seasoning Instant soy drink powder
  Cheese Burger Instant chocolate drink powder 

Sour cream & onion Instant coffee powder 
Seasoning producer service
          We development seasoning product that’s specific for customer requirement, We created a unique product for you, We can adjustfor industrial product for your requirements and to help you achieve your goals.



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            Replacing sugar with moderate amounts of sweeteners may prove to be helpful. Cutting out foods or beverages containing added sugars and replacing them with an equally sweet, zero-calorie option can help you get the sweetness you crave while potentially saving your waistline.
Moreover, sweeteners are help to management of diabetes, reduction of dental caries, and reduction in the risks associated with obesity.

                    We offer
                         • Aspartame
                         • Acesulfame-K 


*** For more information,please contact our specialist ***

         Starch is a polymeric carbohydrate consisting of a large number of glucose units joined by glycosidic bonds. It is a highly organized mixture of two carbohydrate polymers, amylose and amylopectin. The starch granules vary in size (1 to 100 microns in diameter) and shape, which affect the characteristic and functional properties of  their specific plant sources. They can be identifed without E Number on product labels. Our starches are manufactured and controlled with best quality under international quality standards.

                      We, Adinop Co., Ltd., offers wide variety of starch produced from various plant sources.
                            • Native rice starch
                            • Native tapioca starch
                            • Native potato starch
                            • Native pea starch

                     • Additionally, we also offer modified tapioca starch for wide range of applications.
                            • Batter mix for fried product
                            •  Marinated product
                            •  Meat product
                            •  Seafood product
                            •  Bakery product
                            •  Noodle and Pasta product
                            •  Snack food



*** For more information,please contact our specialist ***

            The thickeners are food additive used for increasing viscosity of products. They are used to modify and improve product texture to meet specific requirements. Our customers are able to select either single or multiple thickeners depending on the applications.

                      Adinop Co., Ltd. offers the thickeners produced from variety of plant sources
                              • Native Starch
                              • Modified Starch
                              • Gum Arabic
                              • Xanthan gum

***  For more information,please contact our specialist ***

            The texturing agents are food additive for improving product texture and firmness. They replace base of product and prevent cracking. For example, in meat products, they can be used for meat replacer. In biscuit and snack food products, they can be used for anti-cracking reducing product loss during transports.

                      Adinop Co., Ltd. offers powdered cellulose with many particle sizes
                              • Cellulose fibre C-50
                              • Cellulose fibre C-100
                              • Cellulose fibre C-200
                              • Cellulose fibre C-300
                              • Wheat fibre W-200
                              • Pea fibre

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       The leavening agents, also known as a raising agents, are one of a number of substances used in bakery and  batter mix for fried products. They create gas after heating to increase porosity between the product layer that affect the crispness and softness of finished product.
         Our customes can create formulation by yourself according to your specific applications or select from current Adinop's formulations.

                      Adinop Co., Ltd. have a variety of single and multiple formulation of leavening agents to offer.
                              • Sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda)
                              • Monocalcium phosphate
                              • Sodium acid pyrophosphate
                              • Baking Powder 



***  For more information,please contact our specialist ***

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